Welcome to the Junius B. Booth Society, Inc. (JBBS) official website. The Society was incorporated in Maryland in 2006 to educate the public and scholars about the history of the Booth family and Tudor Hall. In 2007, the IRS granted it exemption from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Society welcomes all to join in its activities. As a fledgling and completely transparent organization, it needs and deserves your support and membership.

Tudor Hall Becomes a Museum, 2015

Tudor Hall Tours, 2016
The historic Tudor Hall is a fascinating piece of our nation's history. When you visit, you'll connect to the story of the Maryland Booths who left their mark on America forever. You'll walk where they walked, lived, played, worked and dreamed. When you visit, this part of history comes alive.

Was the Booth Farm Used to Help Runaway Slaves?


  • Junius Brutus Booth, Sr. was the owner of Tudor Hall and a man who loved Harford County.
  • Walt Whitman called him "the grandest histrion of modern times."
  • Encyclopedia Britannica ranked Junius as one of the two most popular American actors in the period around 1830.
  • In addition to being an actor, Junius was a teacher, innovative farmer, father, and scholar.
  • Junius was Edwin Booth's father and teacher and the father of the infamous John Wilkes Booth.
  • Dr. Patrick Finelli in his book "A History of World Theater" ranks Junius's son, Edwin, and Junius as among the top eight actors in the world in the 19-th Century.
  • Junius was a passionate environmentalist ahead of his time. He did not believe in hurting any animal.
  • Edwin has been called the greatest American actor of the 19-th Century.
  • The Booth Theater on Broadway is named in memory of Edwin.
  • The Players is a club that was founded by Edwin. It has one of the largest theater research libraries in the world. It is called the sacred home of the American theater.
  • Edwin saved Lincoln's son's life.
  • For over a century and a half about a dozen or more books have been written per year about the Booths. This is an amazing record.


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For information on touring Tudor Hall with a guide, hit Visiting Tudor Hall above.

  • Make Tudor Hall into a Successful Museum
    • Obtain a right-to-way into the property that can be used by large buses
    • Obtain an adequate parking lot for guests at Tudor Hall
    • Preserve of much of the land at Tudor Hall Farm as possible
    • Keep expanding the tour guide program at Tudor Hall in order to open the house for public tours on a more frequent basis
    • In order to properly restore and preserve Tudor Hall (house, grounds, and outbuildings), an archeological survey needs to be done using geophysical techniques that do not disturb the grounds before the property is disturbed further. Possibilities include locating buried voids/cavities, disturbed earth, underground storage tanks, drainage patterns, sewers, foundations, ancient landfills, pipelines and cables. Characterize bedrock, the internal structure of floors/walls, water damage in concrete, and the internal steelwork in concrete. At Tudor Hall, we might locate graves, large artifacts, old farm tools, drainage or irrigation pipes and determine the location and size of past buildings, kilns used for manufacturing fertilizer, ice and food storage cellars, outhouses, cisterns, cemeteries, and fences.
    • Study the original roofing and bricks
    • Donate displays for Tudor Hall
    • Raise money to support Tudor Hall
  • Booth Research Centers
    • Help set up a Booth Research Center and Booth library in Harford County, preferably at Tudor Hall.
  • Form a Sound Organization for JBBS
    • Raise funds
    • Recruit members and especially volunteer leaders/officers
    • Continue improving this website
    • Improve the newsletter: Booth History Spotlight
    • Obtain greater publicity

Volunteers who wish to help with these or other tasks are welcomed.

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